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The analyst

Tom Bell is an Analyst, a federal agent who protects American citizens from the supernatural entities that become violent and out of control, and covers up every trace of their presence. His estranged ex-wife, mental illness, and persistent memories of childhood trauma serve as constant obstacles in his struggle to stay sane in the face of the impossible. Substance abuse and casual sex keep his inner demons at bay, but the real ones find more and more to prey on.

Volume IV, LAND OF UNBELIEF, is now available through Amazon.

emerald city 

Bridget-Hope has a talent for taking things that aren't hers, and sneaking out of Emerald City, the remote commune home of the new age cult where she's lived all her life. When she meets a bizarre beast-man at the far end of the Humboldt redwoods, she trades a stolen candy bar for a silver crown that lets her magically leave her body.

On her out-of-body journeys, Bridget takes to collecting the secrets of the big, close-knit family around her. She learns that Papa, Emerald City’s soft-spoken patriarch, may have killed her real father. She makes a plan to escape with her best friend--but Papa will kill again to keep her under his heavy thumb. 

Soon enough, Papa takes Bridget’s crown for himself, and intends to fulfill his own prophecy by leading everyone in Emerald City to mass suicide. Bridget can save her own life, if she abandons the only family she has.

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was born in Monterey, CA in 1987, the son of African-American Malbour Lee and Kiwi (Pakeha) Anne Robyn. He grew up in San Diego, and moved to New Zealand in 1999, where he graduated from the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand in 2008. Bri currently resides in Sydney, though he often visits home.

Bri is a strong advocate for fiction that reflects real-world diversity and prejudice. His flagship series THE ANALYST has been praised for its blending of the fantastic and horrific with interpersonal conflict and its unflinching portrayal of a protagonist living with mental illness. His favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and Haruki Murakami.